We got a few cake bake experts from the wedding planning industry to put together an inside scoop on how you can ensure that your get  cake you want for your wedding, here are some of their valuable insights.

“You would want to check with your baker on how big their slices are. You may not require such large slices per person and thus you can serve the cake to a large number of people, especially when you are working on a budget”. Stella Hosking, Cake Creations by Karen, Orlando FL

Go for cake flavours of your choice rather than picking an off-the shelf flavor, a flavor you and your fiancé would like to have on their big day. Often couples have many opinions thrown, just like every other aspect of their wedding planning, don’t listen to them! If a red velvet is what you choice is then go for it! A cake for this occasion need not be white!”Leanne Leslie, Succulent Delights, San Antonio Texas

“Last minute changes, adjustments or add-on’s can get pretty expensive therefore ensure that you review your contract and discuss the details with the cake designer, preferably signed months in advance if not a few weeks.” – Rochelle Sanders, Cakes by Rochelle, Edinburg TX

“Experienced designers will work around the budget you have in mind, so before you meet cake artist, work out a budget. If you have reference material, keep in mind that cakes with a lot detailing involve plenty of labor and will drive up the cost.”Tracy Allan, WW Events, Portland TX

“ Most venues offer the wedding cake along with the package. For some reason if you are not satisfied with the cake they offer, discuss what alternatives they offer if you choose to go with a cake designer of your own. Desserts is a good option you can explore or something of similar value instead.”- Paloma Collins, Sugar Stars, LLC, New York, NY

“Don’t let costing be the only deciding factor while you place your wedding cake order. You will find that there are several cake decorators that will help in keeping your costs low. You could begin your search by speaking to cake decorators that understand what you have in mind for the cake and which artist is able to grasp your ideas for it” – Lan Juliff, The Cake Diva, Minneapolis, MN

“There are several prices ranges you can choose from as wedding cakes have a ‘starting out price’, where the cake decorator has incorporated details and decorative elements as well. You can explore the options available on the different combination you can choose from. It is better not to assume the price for a certain cake designer and also discuss the combinations and the decorative elements they are available in.”– Vanessa Matamoros, Enchanting Cakes, Miami Shores, FL

“Keep in mind the temperature on the day of the wedding. If the weather is too hot, buttercream and chocolate icing tend to melt while a coating of fondant will stay resilient no matter how hot it gets. “– Lori Harper, Classic Cakes by Lori, Atlanta, GA

A beautiful wedding cake is one among the many ‘wow’ moments on you special day, it is anticipated by everybody at the reception to look like it is the most amazing thing they have ever seen. If you plan right you can work wonders with the budget you allocate for the cake but on the other hand if not done right, your cake may lack the punch it requires to woo you and your guests. It’s not only the price tag that determines how good or bad a cake might taste or look, there is more to it and here it is. We spoke with Tracey Allen from WW Events  on how she would guide her clients on choosing out the right cake from all the years of experience as a Wedding Planner.


Fondant or Buttercream finishing?

Fondant does wonders in getting the cake to taste it’s best but at the same time it will get your cost to rise as well, which is one of the main reasons brides wait to decide on this aspect after they discuss the detailing of the work on the cake. If you one among those brides that adore flawless and fine sculpted designs a fondant cake is what you should be going for. “I recommended buttercream finish when I plan a wedding” says Tracey.  Butter cream is added first to the cake which is then finished with fondant giving it that intricate and smooth finish.  There is no hard and fast rule that you must choose one over the other, in fact majority of brides that we have served opt for a buttercream finish. At the same time, if planned well, you can use dashes of fondant elements wherever required and still get that sculpted look at a fraction of the price. Overall, the cost of fondant will increase the cake’s cost by 50 cents more per serving as a bare minimum.

The Number Of Guests

The size of the order will vary according to the number of guests at the reception and ceremony venues. Often the top tier is kept by the bridal couple and the rest is served out to the guests, if you plan to do so, you will have to inform your cake artist to adjust the order size. “We first get the proper head count of all the guests” says Tracey, and says that in all her years in the business, this count does not get confirmed very easily. You can also opt for sheet cakes as serving pieces to reduce the number of tiers count. Also keep in mind that many bakeries offer discounts for large cake orders which you can discuss and avail with the cake artist you decide on.


The type of fillings you choose

Cake artist charge a premium of you are looking for a custom made filling of your choice. They also have a variety of fillings you can choose few of which are standard others premium. A few popular fillings are White Velvet (with vanilla buttercream), Vanilla Chocolate (white velvet with chocolate buttercream), Double Chocolate cream (with chocolate butter cream), Luscious Lemon ( light lemon cake filled with vanilla buttercream) and Strawberry Velvet ( with rich strawberry buttern cream). With premium fillings there is red Velvet( red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream) and Cookie and Cream (filled with Oreo cookie crumb vanilla butter cream with a white velvet cake) to name a few. “If you are a foodie, this is the fun part” says Tracey, as for a few moments you get to be a child all over again she says.

Design Detailing

“Planning so many weddings over the years I have seen brides go overboard in wanting the perfect cake” say Tracy says .You can take detailing to the next level when it comes to intricacy in your designs, however this would mean that the baker would make to spend a lot of time in perfecting your designs that adds to the cost of the cake. It is this design work that makes the difference in a cake costing more and the additions to your final costs. “You do want the design to get highly skillful” says Tracey, which would jump up costs the moment you keep adding to it.


Delivery and set-up charges

It is always recommended to get the cake delivery done by professionals that make  it for which you will have to factor cost of transportation. Discuss with the artist how they plan to set it up, whether cake stands need to be hired or you would require a heighted table to accommodate it. You will also have to factor in cost for cutting the cake as well. “This is usually taken care of by your wedding planner or the caterer but nevertheless you will have to budget” says Tracey.

Tracey has been a successful wedding planner that specializes in Goan weddings in Portland for over seven years now. She specializes in planning events & holidays to Goa, India and has successfully covered over 45 weddings at outstation locations. Based out of Portland she successfully planned over 125 celebrations covering different themes and styles.

These cake ideas only work well you are having your wedding during spring, due to the seasonal availability of these fruits. Cakes add to the highlights of a wedding, if you are the lucky few that are tying the knot during these months of the year, adding vibrant colors to the mix are popular trends.


Flavors of Spring

You can have your  cake decorated with berries or fruits that grow during spring. Seasonal fruits bring about freshness to the taste. For those chocolate lovers out there, you can add stawberry’s filled with chocolate ganache.


Flowers of Spring

Flowers help define the occasion better giving it more of a spring feeling, a nice touch would be getting the cake artist to design flowers placed around the cake that match your bouquet. This can be done by creating sugar versions of the flowers in your bouquet but you would have to have the designs of both your cake and bouquet done before hand. If this seems like going a little over the top you could try smaller flowers made out of sugar on each tier or better still paint small flowers on the cake work as well.

Colors of the Season

If you want a cake to match the season, you can never go wrong by selecting a mix of spring colors. Try adding colors along the lines of green’s, white’s or pink’s. If you would like to tone it down a little,  a chocolate cake with a few splashes of white flowers  or colorful butterflies in different sizes makes it stand out.


Create sides that match the season

Seasonal desserts made with fresh fruits served along with the wedding cake very popular for a spring wedding ice-creams and cup cakes being most popular.

Looking to budget for your wedding cake? Here’s how

For a few bridal couples that visit us often tell us that wedding cake that is one surprise expense they did not anticipate. Although the cost of the cake would be very small in comparison to the overall wedding cost, more than often there are brides that underestimate the cost of the cake in the wedding budget. Price vary according to the flavors, quantity and artistic detailing on the cake. Read to on to get some expert advice!


Before you begin with the tastings or even searching for a cake artist you would have to determine your budget as you would be much more satisfied with the outcome, why so? Because the artistic detailing in the cake will have an impact on its cost. Discussing this budget with your cake artist will help the artist recommend work and designs accordingly. The other way would be a bit disappointing when you fall in love with a particular type of cake and you realize it does not fit in your allocated budget.

Keep in mind that cover cost include for cake tastings ,cake cutting charges and transportation which would be in addition to the cost of the cake. You have a few artists that include these costs when they provide you with an estimate. If you like to trim costs down, select a handful of bakeries that have been either recommended or choose those that you are awarevof personally.

Cakes have accessories attached to it as well that would form a part of your cake cost. You will have to check with the artist whether the artist on the cost of the cake stand, that are usually rented out. Cake toppers can vary substantially in price as well. If you going for Swarovski crystals as initials or even fresh flowers, cake toppers will add up to the cost. Usually your cake artist will have standard toppers available with them, but you don’t want to be spending $10 on a topper that does not look its best on a $1500 cake.

Accounting for additional cakes such as one for the bridal shower would be another cake that you will have to budget for. Of course these cakes will not be as elaborated as the wedding cake but will cost you as well. You could get a discount if you order the bridal shower cakes along with the wedding cake.

Choosing your cake toppers is very exciting since you get the opportunity to embed your and your fiancés personalities  through it. Whether it is a traditional cake topper that are classic figurines of a bride and groom to creative ones that will put a smile on your face when you look back at your memories of your special day, cake toppers add a nice little touch to the cake. Every detail matters and cake toppers are a nice way to showcase your very own style. A few couples even choose to pass down their cake toppers to future generations, making it a highly sort after keepsake.


Here are a few steps to help you decide on how you can go about it.

  1. Do you want to go with something traditional or do you want to convey something with the topper?

Here you have the option of a traditional monogram, to modern figures to even initials.

  1. Will the topper add balance to the cake or will it look overdone?

A wedding cake topper should be in proportion to the size of the cake. If you order the cake and the topper from different vendors, remember to exchange pictures with the two to give them an idea of it.

  1. Do you plan to display the topper after your big day?

As a few toppers are built in and other have a base that you can also use as a display stand later if needed.

  1. Will it compliment your wedding theme?

Keep in mind that toppers that don’t match your theme will stick out like a sore thumb, keep the big picture in mind and choose one that will blend in well with your theme.

There are plenty of options to choose from , we have outlined a few to help you get started.

Toppers featuring the bride and groom

There are several variants available today of this traditional cake topper which was initially just a bride and groom standing beside each it. A popular one today is the one where the bride is grabbing the groom on the shoulders as he tries to run away. Service toppers for  grooms serving the country are very popular as well. An alternate is to use a various shape such as a heart or object that has meaningful significance or a picture of the two of you in it if you do not wish to go with figurines.

Using Initials as your cake toppers

Bejeweled initials or crystal initials are some of the styles of you can choose from that are very popular these days which feature the initials of the bridal couple or just the last name of the couple.

Wedding theme cake toppers

There are a broad variety to theme toppers you can choose from that would complement you reception. A beachside celebration could have a beachside bride and groom topper or even a seaside jewel cake topper. If you theme is that of a fairytale celebration you can also choose a swan cake toppers or a price charming one as well.

  Custom-made toppers

 If you cannot find something you like or are looking for something really unique, you could opt for customized bobble heads of yourself and the groom. There are plenty of vendors available that can even have these customized to match your theme.

Visit WWE & Co, Goa to place an order for customized cake toppers

If you have planned the perfect wedding for yourself or planning one for one of your best friend  this summer, here are a few cake ideas to go with the hot season.

Wedding cake flavors

Berries and the fruits that come with the season give cakes a natural and fresh flavor. A few options to try out are raspberry or lemon cakes with a combination of blackberry fillings to it. Chocolate cakes are usually popular all year around, for the summer you can add a touch of fresh fruits to the mix. Fruit cake flavors are very popular during this time of the year.

Wedding cake colors

 A buttercream cake, with light yellow icing on top of it making is one of the many choices you can opt for. Colors of the season are fresh and vibrant which work well on palettes of bright greens, blues, and pink’s. For a traditional white cake, splashes of brights using dainty designs looks very attractive.


Flowers of the season

Flowers on the cake never go out of style, if the choice of cake does not have plenty of detailing work on it, consider sugar or fondant flowers. Roses, lilies and tulips are most popular choices.

Adding a few elements

Based on the choice of theme and colors you can add a elements that are personal to you and your fiance. Evey couple has fond memories of the summers they spend together, objects that have symbolic meaning can be added to the mix.


It doesn’t have to be on the cake

If you don’t intend to have your cake match the different elements of summer you could always create a side dish to go along with it. Cake served with ice-cream,  chocolate covered strawberries with every helping of cake or summer peach cobbler, with a dollop of fresh cream along with your cake are a few popular recommendations

Very few people actually know that there are several traditions associated with the wedding cake that have been a part of history

Cutting the cake

The tradition of cutting the wedding cake dates as early as the Roman Empire where the cake was broken over the brides head to ensure fertility and the beginning of her new journey. Cakes were yet to be invented in this era, instead of which a fresh loaf of barley bread was used. This changed during the medieval period as flour-based bread weas used without any sweetening. In the Medieval England era the tradition was to stack sweet buns in a pile and the couple was asked to kiss over the pile.  The next era that followed was the bride’s pie that was a pie baked with mutton. The wedding ring was placed in the pie and the bride would served it to her bridesmaid’s. The bridesmaids that that would get the slice with the ring in it would be next in line to tie the knot. From the early days itself wedding cakes were associated with white that symbolized the bride’s purity. The trend then shifted to the stacking of the cake where the cakes were stacked over each other symbolizing the number of children the couple would bear.

Top tier

This is a popular tradition where the top tier of the wedding cake is preserved for the wedding anniversary of the couple which is then celebrated by the cutting of the preserved wedding cake. Before you store remember that certain flavours suit a long term storage such as chocolate, hazelnut, almond and carrot cake.

Lucky Charms

Many people find it adorable to add tiny bits of gold or silver to their cakes, earlier this used to be a strictly bridal shower tradition, now though it has moved on to weddings as well. Multiple charms are added to the cake and each one has a special meaning, guests receiving these are considered very lucky. Edible charms are can be placed in the cake, which can be replaced with a real charm when guests find one.

The different charms and what they represent

  • Heart shaped charms represent true love
  • Horseshow shaped ones are for luck
  • Flower mean growing love
  • Ship wheel indicates that there is going to be travel soon
  • Coins represent good fortune
  • Wedding bells mean an upcoming marriage
  • Telephone are for good news
  • Photo-frame for a happy life



Wedding cakes are expected to be a head turner for every wedding whether a small intimate ceremony to a large gathering. Indeed no celebration is complete without a piece of cake and a glass of wine to go with it. Cake flavours have gone a long way from the traditional flavours of the past. No doubt they have gotten bigger in size but the flavour mixes have been very creative and the design ideas and artwork have made it a piece of attraction for guests.

With sugar coated flowers, delicate detailed design and fancy chocolate dripping from the sides you can’t help but jump to get a piece of it. Importantly, it is the flavours that everyone would appreciate. We have put together a list of the most popular flavours for the season.

Red Velvet

You cant think of a better color to symbolize love on your big day.  Red Velvet is very popular among couples that are looking to step away from the traditional flavours. There are a few variants of this flavour as well such as red velvet fudge, red velvet thumbprints, red velvet Bundt cake, red velvet-white chocolate cheese and red velvet soufflés with whipped sour cream are a few of popular mentions



Chocolate flavour cakes are still a hot favourite. There are some many variants you can explore. Irish bevy malted with Guinness flavour along with whipped cream topped with fresh berries. Molten chocolates cakes oozing with flowing chocolate from the cake sponge is very popular. Seven sins is a cake flavoured with dark chocolate whisky cream along with milk chocolate mocha along with chocolate dulce de leche has been growing in popularity as well. Other flavours include chocolate raspberry cake, chocolate beetroot cake, chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake and Rich Malted-Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Cake


White Chocolate with Raspberry

Nothing beats the fruitiness of raspberry and the richness of white chocolate, making this a highly popular choice for those looking to add fresh fruit to your wedding cake. These also can be prepared with jam, cream or raspberry filling and you wouldn’t go wrong. Another alternate to this is the red wine chocolate cake if you are looking to combine a flavour packed with naughtiness.


Tangy, light and not too rich or overpowering, lemon cake is increasing in popularity. Lemon velvet cakes made with fresh lemon, lemon Lu Lu, Lemon zucchini are very popular choices in the category


Vanilla sponge pairs with a wide variety of flavours. You can customize it with chocolate icing whipped cream icing, butter cream and even strawberry or raspberry jam. It can be even customized to suite any color or theme, made vegan or dressed up with seasonal fruits.


Carrot and cinnamon cake with dollops of cinnamon frosting is truly scrumptious. Throw in a few dates or walnuts or raisins and you will never experience so many incredible flavours in one serving

Among the many other aspects of putting together your big day, cake tasting is certainly a preferred thing to do, meeting vendors and tasting different cakes before you choose the right one. We have put together a guide to ensure that you cover all the essentials before you make your decision on the cake of your choice.

Choose a cake flavour and style after you have made other wedding planning decisions

As the cake has to be compatible with the decor of the venue, the wedding gown and also the flower arrangements it is necessary that these aspects are decided upon first. Before you meet a cake artist having a clear idea about the flavour and a cake style will make it easier to provide a clear description of what you expect.

Get a small list

Before you set out to meet cake artists in person, talk to them over the phone to get a sense of the kind their style of baking. Broadly discuss the vision of the style of cake you have in mind and get feedback on whether the artist can achieve it or can picture together your ideas. Narrow the list down to the number of people you would like to meet in person. Now that you have shortlisted a few vendors, it is time to check for their previous works. It is important to see what their finished product looked like and if you like what they did in the past.

Describing your vision

Now that you know who is going to be working on the cake, give them all the information you feel they would need to put your cake together. From scribbles to reference images to flavours, the better you detail the description the easier the artist would understand of what you expect.

Other than the describing the details of cake with the artist, discuss other information about the special occasion such as the number guests attending, the kind of venue, the colors of the floral arrangements and other decor. Pay close attention to the feedback received by artist as they share vital details on the quantity required, whether the cake will suit an outdoor/ indoor setting, the climatic conditions best suited for a particular cake design etc.

If you are yet to decide on the flavour of the cake, asking for four to five tasting samples to help you narrow it down to the one of your choice. There are also various flavour combinations that can be explored as well. Chocolate for example can be paired with fruit flavours or even coffee flavours.

Write everything down

The best thing to do would is to write everything down so both you as well as the cake artist are on the same page.  Leave behind copies of the reference images with the artist and preferably ask for a sketch to be prepared in advance. Also discuss the details for cake stands, cake toppers, delivery options and cake slicing.


Add a few twists to the traditional wedding cakes with these ideas for your big day. These ideas work great at an informal wedding setting.

Everyone decked except the cake

If you are not big on fondant or buttercream on the outside of the cake, cake artists can add thick layers in between the tiers leaving the outside of the layers exposed. ‘Naked Cakes’ have been increasingly popular in 2013 for couples looking to have an unfinished look for the big-day confection.

A Chocolate Wedding Cake

Another step away from the traditional buttercream and frosting, chocolate cakes infused with flavour accents such as mint, orange and strawberry combined with chocolate fudge or German chocolate are trending.

Every table gets one

Although this might be a bit expensive,  there is a certain charm to adding a miniature cakes atop every table at the reception. Even rarer would be to have different flavours throughout the hall encouraging guests to go around tasting different cakes to encourage everyone to mingle with the others .

Add a DIY beautiful cake stand

A nice touch of customisation that can be added to your big day is adding a DIY cake stand. The cake may be soon gone but a cake stand makes for one huge wedding memorabilia keepsake. Rustic wooden plagues with carvings of either names or quotes from you and your spouse can be added. Clay potted stands are also very popular as these can be shaped to represent the couples memories.

Add a personal note from your vows or a poem

Whether it is your favourite quote from a poem, work of literature or movie,  having it written on your cake in icing  is a dainty little touch to add. Remember that it should be relevant to the occasion. You can also write a part of song lyrics or of your vows made a few hours earlier. This works best on cakes that have minimalistic decor on it.

Cakes in different shapes and sizes

Square or circular shaped cakes are usually the traditional norm but you can take it a step further by creating various variations to the conventional shape by adding shapes such as petal, hexagonal or staircase that are among the popular ones this season.

Mixing and matching cake sizes

Another step away from the traditional cake sizes is creating tiers of odd shapes sizes stacked un-evenly and then covered with butter cream or fondant.


Desserts beyond the wedding cake

Dessert counter have been trending this season as couple look for variations and customisation to their celebrations. Truffle stations, mini deserts trays and even ice-cream bars have been immensely popular.  Many couples decide to skip serving the wedding cake altogether and creating a dessert station with a goodies from their childhood days. These include malted milk balls, jelly beans, caramel popcorn and candy.